Free Home Trial

During your rugs lifetime, Ebi is always on hand to assist with all aspects of the purchasing, care and maintenance of your investment pieces.

Ebi understands the impact natural light, the direction of the pile, and the position of a rug has on how Oriental carpet or rug looks and feels in the actual room setting.

Living with an antique carpet holds the key

There is nothing quite like the personal experience of living for with a piece even for a short while. Without obligation, Ebi will bring a selection of carpets, rugs and runners to your home, free of charge so you can enjoy how they look and feel in the room.

Products from this article

  • Quashqai Shekarloo Kalleh 310 x 160cm


  • Mohtasham  Kashan Pictorial small rug 82 x 62cm


  • khorasan rug 150 x 110cm


  • Hereke Silk rug- 150 x 110 cm


The Shafagh “in -situ” home trial experience , allows you to remove artifical lights from showrooms and workshops from your decision making process.

No Obligation Free home Trial

Free home Trial experience

Experience the look and feel of rugs at home

A few select clients enjoy this as an opportunity to trade-in and realise the upscale value of their investment. This service is particularly useful for those clients enrolled in our “Trade-up” service.