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With Ebi at your side you are equipped with the very best antique carpet, rug and textile consulting service.

He is trusted by collectors, auction houses, and the general public from our London Showroom & workshop.

His consulting service is for Oriental antique rugs, Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, Kilim, textiles and so much more.

  • Trusted Conservation Consultant
  • Expert in traditional techniques
  • Respected restoration expert

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What is an antique rug consultant?

Reputation for quality and integrity

An antique rug consultant can also help you learn more about the antique rug you want to purchase, so that it becomes a sound investment.

Top Quality

Whether you are looking for a Persian, Moroccan, Turkish, Kilim or antique rug. Ebi will help guide you through the process.

Spotting Trends

The more you know about your antique rug, the more chances you have to sell it or trade it at a good price in the future.

Antique rug, carpet & textile

Professional Services


Over 100 years, we have been hand-weaving rugs in Persia & London. This level of knowledge is why Christies Auction House are counted as one of Ebi’s Clients. Professionally appraised by Ebi will almost certainly add value to your piece.

Technical Analysis

Over 100 elements in appraisal. these including manufacturing techniques, patterns and designs, tribal heritage, rug colors & dyes, Origin country and age,  Knot Density, Materials and & Antique Rug History amoung others.

Styling Consultancy

Oriental rugs create a focal point in the room. Your investment pieces form an important role when designing a tranquil place to relax, be comfortable and escape the concerns of modern living and outside distractions. Ebi appreciates the zen décor culture in a way that compliments interior designers when selecting the rug that works best for your space.

Home Staging

The Shafagh “in -situ” home trial, allows you to remove artifical lights from showroms and workshops from your decision making process. There is nothing quite like the personal experience of living for with a piece even for a short while. Ebi understands the impact natural light, the direction of the pile, and the position of a rug has on how an Oriental carpet or rug looks and feels in a room.

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Measuring Service

Essential complimentary measuring service

Oriental carpets and rugs need to fit the space. The overall balance is greatly impacted by not only the space the rug fills but also the spaces around it. The complimentary measuring service is so crucial as unlike modern factory made imitations.

These beautiful handmade rugs are investment pieces and as such do not conform to modern sizes. It is a significant part of the heritage and charm but can offer its own challenges. if you feel you can measure the room at home, simply bring the sizes below with you when you visit us, or let Ebi bring the rugs to you

  • Exact size of the room
  • Maximum length
  • Maximum width
  • Minimum length
  • Minimum width
Ebi Shafagh - Persian Rug Expert
Measuring Room spaces for antique rugs
khorasan rug North east Persia 19 century Natural dye very fine quality 150 x 110cm
Part Exchange
Antique Carpets

Handmade carpet or rug as a part exchange

You may have a Persian rug that you no longer need. Ebi will take almost any handmade carpet or rug as a part exchange against a new piece from his stock as tastes change, markets move and pieces can become extremely valuable quite quickly.

Perfect for Home Redecorating
Realise the investment value of a piece.
Great if you are moving home
Change before wear and tear affects rug values


Cleaning & Restoration

Carpet cleaning and repairs

Everyday wear and tear in modern living is the biggest risk to the future value of your investments in Heritage rugs and carpets. Routine cleaning and repairs can be undertaken at our London workshop to preserve the beauty and longevity of your carpet.


Fraying, fading, stains and general wear can all be repaired. More serious problems such as tears, holes and moth damage, can be treated.

On-Site Repairs

To help minimise client inconvenience and uplift scheduling repairs & restorations can be made available at the customer ‘s location

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