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London Antique Rugs, Oriental Carpets and Textiles

Ebi Shafagh Antique Carpet Consultant
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Antique Persian Rugs, Oriental Carpets and Textiles

Antique rugs from Persia

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Persian Carpets for modern, contemporary homes

Ebi Shafagh curates and deals in the highest quality and most unique antique rugs and vintage Persian carpets on the market. We collect both the most idiosyncratic examples of innovation in Persian carpets, and the most traditional, classic designs to fit a range of interiors and tastes.

London, U.K.
Persian rugs have an earthy and warm appeal that is difficult for modern synthetic carpeting to properly capture

Antique rugs from Persia have been a mainstay of contemporary interior design for decades due to their sophistication and handcrafted quality. Persian rugs have an earthy and warm appeal that is difficult for modern synthetic carpeting to properly capture.
This featured rug is an extremly nice fine example of a Qashqai Shekarloo carpet from Southwest Persia in fantastic colours and pattern.

Qashqai Shekarloo carpet

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Ebi has boundless energy and enthusiasm for antique carpets, rugs and textiles. This has seen his business grow and client list expand to include members of the UK and overseas aristocracy. Significant major collectors within the international community and influential interior designers consult with Ebi Shafagh for his expertise. His restoration pieces have been well received & sold well at both Sotheby’s and Christies’s major auctions.

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Fantastic Ziegler Sultanabad carpet - SOLD TO LIBERTY
Antique Rugs
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Blend modern furnishings with timeless Oriental carpets and textiles

Modern rugs try to emulate elements of Persian design, however, Antique carpets like this fantastic Ziegler Sultanabad carpet – (Sold recently to Liberty) adds a punch of colour that creates dramatic accents in what could be an otherwise monochromatic backdrop. The authentic Persian patterns, colours and traditional templates are recognisable to those who understand good weaving.

Woven from sustainable natural fibres
Environmentally friendly plant & natural dyes
Modern needs vintage to warm it up
Pair Modern Art with a Traditional Rug

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Antique Persian rugs hold a high market value

“The finest persian rugs are handspun and knotted millions of times from high quality wool over months and months of production.
Craftsmen generally take natural colours and knot them into designs that represent the advancement and prosperity of the ancient Persian civilisations”

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